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117 East Main Street, White Sulphur Springs, Montana 59645




(406) 547-9985



what we are


We are a family owned steakhouse in the heart of Montana. We only serve USDA Prime cuts of steak, and we put love and care into every dish we put out!


what makes us special


Along with the traditional steakhouse entrees, we also serve nachos, burgers, and tons of other exciting meals. All our ground beef is purchased from Keyhole Cattle Company, a local ranch in our community.

where we are


We are based in White Sulphur Springs, Montana, with stunning views of both the Castle Mountains and the Little Belts. We are 13 miles away from Newlan Creek Reservoir and under 2 hours from Bozeman, Helena & Great Falls.


our story

Steak perfection takes time

All our steaks are hand-cut from USDA Prime beef cuts. We cook them on our flame grill to whatever temperature you'd like. This can occasionally take some time! We care about the quality we put out, so please be patient. And never hesitate to let us know if anything isn't up to par. We want you to have the best experience possible!

Have a drink

at the bar

Tell our bartender your poison and there's a good chance they can come up with something new and exciting to wet your whistle. We carry an extensive collection of liquor and always have 3 beers from White Sulphur's very own 2 Basset Brewery.


House rules

rule 1:

Please be patient! Quality drinks and food take time and lots of love!

Rule 2:

Mind the barkeep! His/her word is law in here!

Rule 3:

If you're on the phone, we will kindly wait for you to be done with your call before taking your order.

Rule 4:

We're not a hostel - no sleeping at the tables or on the bar.

rule 5:

Let's all get along - no talking politics or religion!

Rule 6:

In case of a raid, down your drinks post haste!

Rule 7:

If you can't hold your liquor, we'll gladly hold it for you!

rule 8:

If you're drinking to forget, please pay in advance!

Rule 9:

Don't forget to ask about our specials!

Our Team


Stephanie & Mark McDanel

The owners of this fine establishment. The craziest people you know with the biggest hearts around. If they're not in the restaurant, they're probably chasing one of their 3 kids around...or at the brewery.


Darrell new

Our reliable as hell, incredibly hard working, line cook. Heart of gold with his mind in the gutter...and we'd be lost without him!


Ben Bullington

An untrained (but incredible) mixologist born and raised here in White Sulphur. Dirty jokes and martinis are his specialties.

Ben was taken far too soon from this world on May 21, 2023. We will miss him forever and he will forever be a part of our Stockman family.


Coen Vinje

Our jack of all trades in the kitchen. Couldn't get through those back to back tickets, dishes and requests for sides of ranch without him!



Our very lovable psycho...every bar needs one and she's ours so back off. The sweetest server and bartender unless you test don't.


Beccah Porter

Another one of our amazing line cooks. A little sassy, a little sweet - it takes a special kinda girl to hold her own in the kitchen and Beccah is exactly that!


SKYLER mcdanel

Son of Mark & Steph. He cooks and does pretty much whatever Steph tells him any good son should.


JENnie jo Mayn

Probably the most innocent of our wild bunch...but don't corrupt her, that's our job. Find her behind the bar or as your server!




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(406) 547-9985

117 E Main Street, White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645  

Kitchen Hours: Monday-THURSDAY 3Pm-9pm, FRIday-Sunday 3PM-10PM

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